Aggressor Kona, Hawaii

Kona, Hawaii

Where Is Kona And Why Should You Go?

Located on the big Island of Hawaii, Kona’s waters are home to many indigenous fish species. In fact 20% of Hawaiian fish are found nowhere else on the globe. The volcanic geology of the island has created a strange and wonderful topography under the water with various vents, lava tubes, steep walls and plateaus. Famed for its mega fauna, Kona’s waters are home to mantas, whales and sharks. Furthermore Kona is known for its pioneering diving, such as the Blackwater dives and diving with mantas at night.

When To Go?

The Kona Aggressor offers a week-long trip around the Kona coastline, the perfect opportunity to encounter humpback whales as they socialise in the deep waters. Sometimes the cetaceans make a surprise visit on a dive. The waters around Kona are some of the clearest in the world, averaging around 30 metres (100 feet). Temperature fluctuates from 70 Fahrenheit in the winter to low 80’s in the summer – a 3 – 5mm wetsuit is ideal. Take the opportunity to visit the beauty of the big island topside, where volcanos spew molten hot lava and lush forests come alive with the sound of bird song.

Dive Sites You Will Visit

Garden Eel Cove

The same location as the world famous manta night dive, Garden Eel Cove’s sandy bottom is home to a natural display of hundreds of garden eels. 18 metres (60 feet) below the surface, these eels poke their heads from the sand searching for food that passes in the current.

In the shallower waters divers will find a ring of lights, which at night is transformed into a spectacular natural. Manta rays congregate, attracted to the plankton. These 3-5 metre (10-17 feet) rays dance above the crouching divers.


A dive dependant on the changing tides, Nai’a can be as shallow as 20 metres (65 feet). In addition, visibility that exceeds 30 metres (100 feet) will allow visitors to witness the pods of spinner dolphin that rest and relax during the early hours of the day. The dolphin can group in numbers up to 100, at times coming within touching distance.

Turtle Pinnacle

Located just outside Honokohau Harbour, this is a turtle cleaning station of sorts. As bizarre as it sounds turtles visit this pinnacle to rid themselves of algae and parasites. Divers have the unique opportunity to see these large numbers of turtles, and with relatively easy conditions this is a great dive for all levels of divers.

How To Get There?

A five-hour flight from LAX, the big island is easy to get to. A representative will meet guests at the airport and take them to the hotel or yacht, which is docked at Kailua Pier. There are no additional fees or taxes

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