New Saguaro Group Trip To Dunbar Rock

The Villa At Dunbar Rock

Saguaro Scuba is excited to announce that we have a new destination in Honduras to visit this year, which will be happening from April 22-29th, 2017! We have been visiting Roatan in the Bay of Islands of Honduras for years, however, this will be our first trip to Dunbar Rock! The Villa at Dunbar Rock is an incredibly unique dive resort which is built directly on a large rock just off the coast of Guanaja. It features 8 ocean front rooms, as well as a penthouse and a presidential suite. All rooms as you could have guessed are ocean front and ocean view. Our trip for April is filling up quickly, and with only 8 rooms, there are only a few spots remaining!

Scuba Diving Guanaja, Honduras

jado trader wreck guanaja

The Jado Trader Wreck in Guanaja.

Dunbar Rock is located off the coast of Guanaja. Guanaja is a smaller, less inhabited and less visited island in the Bay of Islands. Guanaja’s reefs are by many considered to be among the best in the Caribbean and certainly the least discovered in the Bay of Islands. Guanaja features around 45 dive sites. These dives sites range from pinnacles, to wall diving, to lava tunnels, to wrecks. There is a wreck close by, called the Jado Trader, which is one of the most sought after wreck dives in the Caribbean. You name it, Guanaja has it. There is even a nice shallow dive right off the rock in front of the Villa. Guanaja is part of a volcanic and coral mountain range which is called the Bonacca Ridge. Guanaja is also the unofficial beginning of the second largest barrier reef in the world which is called the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

The dive conditions in Guanaja are also nearly perfect! The visibility tends to be around 100 feet from Feb until September. During the rainy season, which is from October to January it can dip below this. The currents around Guanaja are very mild to completely non existent.

A Typical Day Of Diving

When staying at Dunbar Rock you will be treated to 3 daily boat dives (excluding the first and last days) as well as unlimited shore dives from our location. Which makes it a great place to train or practice skills! They offer two very well equipped dive boats which leave for the first dive at 8:30. You will generally complete 2 dives in the morning. Come back to the Villa for lunch and then go out for an afternoon dive a reasonable time after lunch has concluded. For night diving enthusiasts there is the possibility to upgrade to night dives once you are on the Rock! One huge bonus of diving in Guanaja is that there are virtually no crowds! With only 2 dive centers on the island, and over 45 dive sites, you really will feel like you are diving the entire reef by yourself.

If you are interested in joining us on our Dunbar Dive Trip, please fill out the form below or give us a call!

We look forward to diving with you!

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