Saguaro Picks The Best Dive Gear Of 2021

Saguaro Scuba’s Top Gear Picks Of 2021

Purchasing scuba diving equipment can be a very confusing undertaking. We have people come in with different goals in mind all the time. Some want the most affordable. Some want the smallest and lightest for travel purposes. Some want specific brands. This post is for those people who come in and want the best of the best and aren’t worried about the price.

The gear below certainly isn’t cheap, however, it will definitely turn some heads on your next dive trip and will also give you many years of great scuba diving with premium quality gear with all the current gizmos and gadgets!

With that being said, lets look at our picks for a full scuba set up minus the wetsuit and boots.

Top Dive Computer Of 2021 – The Shearwater Teric

Shearwater has done it again! Shearwater has put out some incredible dive computers over the years. The Shearwater Perdix AI is a favorite among serious divers around the world and has almost a cult like following. Our pick, however, is the Shearwater Teric. This computer is much smaller than the Perdix yet still packs all of the incredible technology and precision.

The Teric offers seamless air integration as well as wireless charging and uploading of data. This means you aren’t opening up your computer at battery changes which takes away the risk of damaging the seal or flooding your computer. There are a ton of diving modes for the different mixes of air. There is also a freediving mode which is very useful to the freedivers out there.

The incredible features, quality craftsmanship and the nice style and color options make you start to see what sets this computer apart from the rest and earns it our choice as the best dive computer of 2021!

Top BCD Of 2021 – The ScubaPro Hydros Pro With Air 2

ScubaPro is a well known brand in the scuba diving industry and have been pumping out quality products for years. Their Hydros Pro BCD is no exception. This BC was built with diving in mind. If offers and incredibly comfortable fit and is moldable to your specific body. It is a back inflate design and can be switched from a travel mode to weight integrated BC depending on what you are doing.

This BC also comes with the option for Air 2. The Air 2 device serves as your inflator and also as your Octopus. Taking you down one hose and one extra piece of equipment. The BC is also highly customizable in terms of colors and styles and is available in both male and female sizes.

While it certainly isn’t the cheapest BC on the market, if you are looking for quality, comfort, flexibility and style, this BC is our pick as the top BC of 2021!

Top Regulator / Mask of 2021 | Ocean Reef Neptune 3 With Mercury Coms

This was an easy choice. We were looking at masks and regulators separately and then decided to go with the Neptune 3 option from Ocean Reef.

This full face mask offers the latest in full face mask technology while also offering you the opportunity to communicate with  your dive buddy under water. There will be an extra course to take before donning your full face mask, however, we see this as an easy decision and encourage anyone who wants to take their diving to the next level to complete this course.

No more bubbles in your face, no more clenching of a regulator in your mouth, and no more fogging up of your mask. The continuous air flow that the full face mask provides keeps things crystal clear.

Add in the comms and a lifetime warranty and the choice is easy.  This Neptune 3 package will be your go to for all diving!

Top Scuba Fins Of 2021 – The Apollo Bio Fin Pro With Spring Straps

The Apollo Bio Fins have been our go to fins at Saguaro Scuba for years. When you go on our group trips you will notice a large percentage of our attendees wearing these fins. 2021 didn’t change a thing. We are still recommending these fins to all customers. The only negative thing I can say about them is that they are fairly heavy (which isn’t bad for diving), but means they do take up some weight in luggage.

These fins perform great in all circumstances underwater. We have had several instructors use them in the pool doing kick tests and find that they consistently out perform all other fins.

The spring strap makes for very easy putting on and taking off. The open toe provides a high degree of comfort. One thing to note is that you will want a pair of nice dive boots to go along with these fins.

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