Exuma Cay, Bahamas Liveaboard

Exuma Cay, Bahamas Liveaboard

Aggressor Liveaboard Fleet

Where Is It?

Exuma Cay in the Bahamas is one of the Aggressor fleets most sought after destinations. With over 300 islands, cays and inlets, Exuma offers some of the most pristine and diverse dives in the world. With deep walls, shallow reefs and an plethora of wrecks littered on the sandy Caribbean sea floor divers flock from around the world to experience these dives.

When To Go?

The warm and clear waters of the Bahamas offer the ability to dive all through the year. However there are certain months and seasons where various marine life can be seen better than others. Marine species that can be seen throughout the year include reef sharks, eagle rays, hawksbill and green turtles and seahorses. From February to March the thick set bull sharks roam the ocean floor, while from December to February hammerhead species can be spotted with their unique features. Larger marine species such as the humpback whale and the largest toothed creature in the world, the sperm whale reside in the deeper waters of the Exuma Cays from December to March when the waters warm and they can calf in relative peace. Finally the Bahamas most famous resident, the tiger shark can be seen most commonly in the winter months from November to May.

One of the benefits of diving in the Bahamas is the condition. While hurricane season runs from June to November, don’t worry, the dives are not compromised and there is the benefit of fewer tourists in the area and in turn on dive. Year round the visibility can exceed 40 metres (120 feet) due to the lack of run-off from nearby land.  In turn temperatures can soar to 30 degrees Celsius (80 Fahrenheit) in the summer months.

Dive Sites

Amberjack Reef 

A small reef system, with a plethora of marine life. Garden eels, various species of shark and large grouper can be seen on the reef. Trevally and jack fish can be observed in giant schools.

 Mystery Cave

 A blue hole, descending to depths of 400 metres, the incomparable Jacques Cousteau dived the cave, finding various openings into other cave systems. A large school of blacknose sharks reside in the bottom of the cave.

 Austin Smith Wreck

A 20 metre (70 feet) wreck of an old Bahamian defence force cutter sunk by the Cubans decades ago. Over the years marine flora and fauna have been reintroduced to the intact wreck. In gin clear water with circling reef sharks, this is one of the most easily accessible and interesting wrecks in the Exuma cays.

How To Get There?

Most international airports will fly directly to Nassau Airport. From Nassau take a taxi to the Aggressor Bahamas ship which will depart from the Elizabeth on the Bay Marina, where your adventure will commence.

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