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We Are An Authorized Service and Repair Center For The Following Brands

ots full facemask servicing


1st & second stage Rebuild $70.00 plus parts
1st stage only Rebuild  $35.00 plus parts
2nd stage only rebuild $35.00 plus parts
Full Face Mask (Ocean Reef) (OTS) Mask & Regulator rebuild $105.00 plus parts


Service  with standard inflator $35.00 plus parts
Service (with Sea Quest Air Source) $55.00 plus parts
Service (with Aqualung Airsource i3) $55.00 plus parts
Service (with Mares Beta) $55.00 plus parts
Service (with Scubapro Air II) $55.00 plus parts
Service (with Tusa Duo Air) $55.00 plus parts

Spair Air

Service $35.00 plus parts

Computer and Depth Gauges

Battery Change $10.00 + Battery
Accuracy Check (Recreational 130 Ft) $30.00
Accuracy Check (Technical 230 Ft) $60.00


Accuracy Check (130′) $30.00
Rebuild of Swivel pin air spool $10.00

Scuba Tanks

Eddy Current Inspection (aluminum tanks) $20.00
Hydro Test & visual 48.00 + burst disc
Visual inspection (steel tanks) $15.00
Internal Cleaning $30.00
Nitrox Fills 32% $14.00 36% $19.00
Air Fills $3.00/fill

*All scuba divers get 2 free tank fills a day, every fill after that is $3.00/tank

*All tank fills not scuba related pay $3.00/tank


2216/3300 Fill $8.00
2216/3300 Hydro $35.00
4500 Hydro $55.00

Valve Overhauls

K Valve + Parts $10.00
J Valve + Parts $12.50
Twin Manifold + Parts $17.50

Compressor Repair

Service $125.00 Hr, Min $50.00

EANx/NITROX/O2 Cleaning/Service

Nitrox Fills 32% $12.00 36% $14.00
Regulator Only $40.00
Regulator with Octopus $55.00
S.P.G. w/Hose $15.00
Tank w/Valve cleaning (includes tank cleaning and 32% fill) + parts $40.00
Visual (includes VIP and internal cleaning) $35.00
Hydro (includes Vip Hydro, internal clean, valve clean & 32% fill + parts $70.00

Service Request Form

  • Please indicate description of item(s), serial number(s), as well as when you last had the item(s) serviced.
  • If warranty, you must provide proof of warranty. Please include a copy of purchase receipt from an authorized retailer, warranty card, etc.
  • Please be as detailed as possible.
  • Unless the customer provides proof of warranty (Copy of your receipt of purchase from an authorized retailer, warranty card, etc.) the cost of parts will be added to the estimate. All repair or service work must be paid for within 90 days or equipment can be sold to recover price of repairs.
    Please read our full Terms and Conditions