Discover Scuba Freedom with Saguaro Scuba’s Open Water Referral Process

Welcome to Saguaro Scuba, your gateway to exploring the underwater world! Are you dreaming of becoming a certified open water diver but struggling to fit the entire course into your busy schedule? Our unique referral process is your solution, blending Arizona-based training with the thrill of completing your certification in exotic waters elsewhere.

The Referral Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: eLearning Dive into your scuba adventure from the comfort of your home with our comprehensive eLearning program. This convenient online course covers all the theoretical aspects of scuba diving, from equipment basics to dive planning.

Step 2: Classroom and Pool Sessions in Arizona Next, join us at Saguaro Scuba for hands-on training. Our expert instructors will guide you through practical classroom sessions and pool dives, ensuring you build confidence and master essential diving skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Step 3: Completing Open Water Sessions Abroad Cap off your certification adventure in a location of your choosing! Whether it’s the vibrant coral reefs of the Caribbean or the mysterious shipwrecks in the Pacific, complete your four open water dives under the guidance of a certified instructor at your vacation destination. Join one of Saguaro Scuba’s group trips or book your own individual travel.

Step 4 Receive Your Certification: When returning from vacation with your filled out referral dive information we process your certification and you receive your certification card good for a lifetime of scuba exploration.

Benefits of the Referral Process

    • Flexibility and Convenience: Juggle your training with your personal schedule, completing the theory and pool work locally at your own pace.
    • Tailored Learning Experience: Benefit from personalized attention during your initial training, setting a solid foundation for your diving skills.
    • Opportunity to Dive in Diverse Locations: Finish your certification in some of the world’s most stunning diving spots, making your certification experience unforgettable.

Embark on your scuba diving journey with Saguaro Scuba. Our referral process for open water certification is designed to provide you with flexibility, comprehensive training, and an exhilarating completion in a destination of your choice. Dive into this opportunity and unlock a world of underwater wonders!

Ready to take the plunge? Contact Saguaro Scuba today to learn more about our open water referral certification process and start your adventure in the depths of the ocean! Or click here to book your Open Water Referral today! 

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