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Intova Cameras – The Next, Best Action Cameras

The Hawaii based company became famous for their stiff competition to the action camera fraternity, and GoPro especially. Tested in the deep oceans and towering humid mountains of Hawaii, where 11 of the worlds climate zones belong, the Intova cameras are a proven and durable model for all adrenaline enthusiasts.

Here is an idea of some of the Intova Products;

Duo Camera

Priced at an extremely reasonable 49.99 dollars, the Intova Duo is the smallest, and most affordable Intova camera on the market. A great camera for the younger ages, the Due is competent in all terrains, yet has less filming capabilities than other models. For example, footage is captured in high definition, yet at 720p, less than 1080p. In addition the photo resolution is 5 mega pixels, not particularly high, yet good enough to capture a myriad of adventure situations above and below the water. The Duo is waterproof to 100 feet (33 metres), and the Li-ion battery will last for 2 hours on constant film mode. The Duo has the ability to be bought in a range of colours, Sky Blue, White, Black and Orange.

DUB Camera

The next model is the DUB camera, a more impressive high definition camera for the adventure enthusiast. 1080p video resolution and an 8-mega pixel camera allow improved aesthetics across the board. The Dub camera is a specifically brilliant purchase for scuba diving enthusiasts due to the DUB’s depth limit of 200 feet (66 metres). The DUB is available in Yellow, Khaki Green and Grey.

HD2 Camera

The HD2 is Intova’s most innovative design. The creators have built a model that is highly durable, with 1080p video at 30 frames per second, and 8-mega pixel photo capabilities. Yet most intriguing factor is the HD2’s capability to use a 150 lumen photo flash and video light. This allows adventure enthusiasts to illuminate their subjects without an additional torch or light. The depth rating of the camera is 330 feet (100 metres), which will allow all recreational divers to take the HD2 to the maximum allowable depths.

X2 Camera

The X2 Is Intova’s elite action camera. With a black, rugged build, the X2 camera, compiles all of the other models’ benefits, yet includes 1080p video at 60 frames per second, allowing the user the ability to film in slow motion while maintaining top quality video. Another benefit of the X2 is the 16-mega pixel camera, generating photos with the same quality as many DSLR cameras. The X2’s low light capabilities, as well as light and flash settings all put it on par, or above the highest quality and newest GoPro’s. However at a bargain price of 350 dollars, the X2 is the obvious choice for adventure enthusiasts.

When choosing an action camera, Intova is always a brand to consider. While GoPro gets a great deal of attention, it is not always wise to purchase the most famous brand. The quality and price of the Intova’s models are too good to miss, and you are guaranteed not to be disappointed when you buy.

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