OTS Full Facemask Servicing Information

ots full facemask servicingSaguaro Scuba is a full service OTS Full Face Mask dealer and service center. We have technicians on staff who are specifically trained in working on the OTS full face mask systems. It is important to follow the service and maintenance guidelines associated with your equipment to ensure that it stays in proper safe and functioning order. It is also important to choose a servicing center which uses genuine OTS parts and service kits for working on your equipment.

We offer a free return shipping service to your location within Continental US. If you need your mask expedited please call our dive center to receive a quote for expedited shipping. (877) 837-7637

Model Evaluation Flat Rate
Full Face Masks
OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Annual Maintenance 200
OTS Stealth Full Face Mask Annual Maintenance 220
Interspiro AGA Full Face Mask Annual Maintenance 285
Earphone/Microphone Assemblies
Standard EM’s Flat Rate 200
Military EM’s Flat Rate 300
Diver Units (Includes Buddyphones, SSB Units, Etc
All Diver Units Flat Rate 250
All Diver Units Minor Flat Rate (Replacing battery rings, holders, orings, PTT button only, battery snaps, and Stickers) 50
Yellow/Blue Buddyphones No Longer Service
Surface Units
BELL-100 No Longer Service
BELL-200 900126-000 450
COMBOX Flat Rate 200
COMBOX-1 No Longer Service
DRS-100B Flat Rate (Does not include LL-98 speaker) 425
I-COM BOARD Flat Rate 450
LL-98 Factory Rebuild 750
MAG 10015 Flat Rate 450
MK1-DCI No Longer Service
MK2-DCI Flat Rate 350
MK-IV Flat Rate 600
MK-7 Flat Rate 200
RCL-7A Flat Rate 350
SP-100 No Longer Service
SP-100D & D2 Flat Rate 275
SSB-1000S No Longer Service
STX-100 No Longer Service
STX-101 Flat Rate 400
STX-101M Flat Rate 425
STX-101SB Flat Rate 450
Headsets (All) Flat Rate 235
HI-USE Connector Each Connector Installed 125
AMP Connector Each Connector Installed 100
MS Connector Each Connector Installed 165
Double Banana Each Pair Installed 50
Electret Headsets No Longer Service (White Logo on earphone)