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Photography and Videography Workshop

March 25th, 2017 & April 1st 2017

Price: $160

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Underwater Photography Outline

March 25 2017 Classroom Session (2-3 hours)

  1. PowerPoint presentation covering
    1. Equipment
    2. Techniques
    3. Theory
    4. Post processing tips in Lightroom
  2. Class practice of Sealife and Intova cameras or student camera
    1. Review all features
    2. Hands on experience with equipment
    3. Students can rent shop camera for class or bring their own
  3. Students will practice with camera on dry land
    1. Taking photos outside after class
    2. Adjusting settings
    3. Prepping for pool day

April 1st 2017 Pool Session (4-5 hours)

  1. Buoyancy
    1. Buoyancy review with certified instructor
    2. Buoyancy check with certified instructor
  2. Practice buoyancy control in water without cameras
    1. Fin Pivot
    2. Good Trim
    3. Mod flutter kick
    4. Frog kick
    5. Backwards Kick
  3. Practice on photography skills
    1. Take photos and move from shot to shot on reef
    2. Practice swimming through ring to reef and take photos
    3. Practice swimming to big creatures and take photos and video
    4. Practice taking macro shots
    5. Combinations of all
  4. Final course
    1. Place rings, pool sharks, and reef in a course



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