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Learn to dive online with SDI and Saguaro Scuba. This eLearning course will teach you all of the dive theory and practical information required to begin your life as a certified scuba diver! We offer this course at massive discount $99. This course retails for $129 when buying directly from SDI.

The SDI Open Water Certification is a universally accepted dive certification.

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Learn to dive online with the SDI Open Water Diver eLearning Program

The SDI Open Water eLearning program offers you the opportunity to learn the important theory and knowledge portions of your diving certification no matter where in the world you are. We offer this course at more than a 40% discount compared to buying direct from SDI.

After completing this course you will be able to visit your local dive shop or dive instructor and complete the confined water skills portion (usually done in a pool), and then complete 4 open water training dives (done in a lake or ocean). These three segments will then qualify you to be a scuba diver and dive all over the world.

The SDI Open Water Certification is the direct equivalent to the PADI Open Water Certification and is universally accepted. The SDI eLearning course is, however, $99 through us rather than the $185.00 for the PADI Certification.

Saguaro Scuba and SDI offer this great course to anyone learning to dive regardless of your location in the world. After you purchase the course, please allow up to 1 business day to receive your code and instructions for starting your course.

Complete The Rest Of Your Training On Vacation

One popular way to complete your certification is to purchase our vacation referral package. You can then bring your paperwork proving you have completed this portion, and then you get to do all of the fun stuff while on vacation and don’t have to spend a day in a classroom!

If you are interested in learning to scuba dive in Arizona, there is no one better to get started with than Saguaro Scuba. We have the best instructors, the largest inventory of scuba diving products, affordable equipment servicing, friendly staff, great group trips, and so much more! Come see us in Mesa, Arizona and get started with scuba diving!

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Dick Russell
Easy Access

The whole process was easy! I wanted it done prior to going to Aruba, so I could just drive there. Any problem was handled immediately by phone or email. Great job!