Thanks For Traveling With Saguaro & LifeWaters To Bonaire

Thank You For Traveling to Bonaire With Saguaro Scuba & LifeWaters

Thank you for traveling with us to Bonaire! We had a great trip and hope that you did as well. As always, we are always looking for ways to improve our group trips. Whether that means adding new locations, choosing different hotels, changing how things are organized, or anything. Please let us know the good and the bad. You can do the survey anonymously if you wish or leave your name.

Finally, there is a section at the bottom of the survey where you can upload a few photos. We would love to have some photos to share on our website or social media. If you have any photos you don’t mind us using, please upload them there. They can be from above or below the water.

Thanks again for traveling with Saguaro Scuba. We truly appreciate and value your business and look forward to traveling with you on your next dive vacations!

Dive Site Logs By Boat

Dive Boat: Pure Ocean

Crew: Ebby/Endro

  • Sunday Dive 1: Calabas House Reef
  • Monday Dive 1: Hilma Hooker
  • Monday Dive 2: Bachelor Beach
  • Tuesday Dive 1: Andrea 1
  • Tuesday Dive 2: Small Wall
  • Wednesday Dive 1: Salt Pier
  • Wednesday Dive 2: Nirvana
  • Thursday Dive 1: Sampler
  • Thursday Dive 2: Cliff
  • Friday Dive 1: Invisibles
  • Friday Dive 2: Angel City

Dive Boat: Alice H

Crew: Malin/Alvin

  • Sunday Dive 1: Calabas House Reef
  • Monday Dive 1: Andrea 1
  • Monday Dive 2: Petras Pillar
  • Tuesday Dive 1: Hilma Hooker
  • Tuesday Dive 2: Bachelor Beach
  • Wednesday Dive 1: Mi Dushi
  • Wednesday Dive 2: Cliff
  • Thursday Dive 1: Angel City
  • Thursday Dive 2: Windsock
  • Friday Dive 1: Barcadera
  • Friday Dive 2: Small Wall

Dive Boat: Sea Queen

Crew: Denise/Ruud

  • Sunday Dive 1: Calabas House Reef
  • Monday Dive 1: Petris Pillar
  • Monday Dive 2: Mi Dushi
  • Tuesday Dive 1: Witches Hut
  • Tuesday Dive 2: Keepsake
  • Wednesday Dive 1: Hilma Hooker
  • Wednesday Dive 2: Punt Vierkant
  • Thursday Dive 1: Small Wall
  • Thursday Dive 2: Sampler
  • Friday Dive 1: The Lake
  • Friday Dive 2: Keepsake

Dive Boat: Pressure Drop

Crew: Orlando/Enrique

  • Sunday Dive 1: Calabas House Reef
  • Monday Dive 1: Small Wall
  • Monday Dive 2: Sampler
  • Tuesday Dive 1: The Lake
  • Tuesday Dive 2: 18 Palms
  • Wednesday Dive 1: Sharon Serenity
  • Wednesday Dive 2: Something Special
  • Thursday Dive 1: Hilma Hooker
  • Thursday Dive 2: Corporal Meiss
  • Friday Dive 1: Cali Reef
  • Friday Dive 2: Cliff
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      Please only upload photos if you are ok with us using them on our website or social media. Files can be .jpg, jpeg, or .png in format and up to 20MBs total in size.

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