Dive Destination Philippines | Enjoy The Scuba Diving Of Cebu!

Scuba Diving in the Philippines – Next Dive Stop Cebu!

Cebu is a province which is located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. The main island is Cebu and there are 167 surrounding islands and islets. Some of these islands are world famous destinations such as Malapascua (to the north), Mactan, Bantayan, and Olango. Oslob is the most popular destination to view whale sharks.

Cebu boasts an impressive array of scuba diving experiences for all levels of divers. From the unique and spectacular experience of diving with the thresher sharks of malapascua to massive schools of sardines at Moalboal to watching the magnificent whales sharks of Oslob, this area of the Philippines is truly a mecca for divers. The one destination which is close by but which is more suited to advanced divers is Olango. There can quite often be fairly strong currents here which can make diving a bit more difficult.

If you are flying into Cebu, the airport is actually on a small island called Mactan. There are a number of dive shops on Mactan where you can rent gear and do some shore diving or be taken on a boat diving adventure from small boats called bangkas. These traditional boats closely resemble a double outrigger canoe. Visibility tends to be quite good in the area, ranging from 50-70 feet and the water temperature is generally warm as well with an average of around 84 degrees. Dive shops such as Liquid Soul, are happy to serve you in English and are PADI Dive Centers and offer top quality guided dives and high quality and well maintained dive gear.

The best time to visit Cebu is generally the dry season from November through to May. If you are coming in the other months you will still likely experience good diving, however, there can be large storms and typhoons which roll through which can churn up the water for days. The last major Typhoon to hit Cebu was in 2013 and was Typhoon Haiyan.

Apart from the world class diving found around Cebu and the outlying islands you will also find pristine beaches and resorts. Snorkeling and kayaking are some of the popular activities for beach goers who may not be into scuba diving. There are also a lot of religious and cultural activities which take place in the months of January and April. Cebu was originally a Spanish settlement and is remains very roman catholic.


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