Why Scuba Diving?

Why Scuba Dive?

It only takes a few minutes of conversation with a scuba diver to get a feel for the incredible passion that they have for the sport of scuba diving.   Whether they are a seasoned veteran or a greenhorn, each will tell you how one scuba dive made them only want more. More time in an environment that the majority of the Earth’s population has never seen. More experiences watching soft coral sway in the current, Kelp beds that dance with the waves overhead, fish whose colors are as vibrant as a fresh rainbow, and gravity defying topography unlike anywhere on dry land. More adrenaline from working to maneuver in a world that is so different from that which they are accustomed. More of the meditative silence of the watery world. It’s a challenging sport that anyone can do, but few will attempt – which is what makes it even more exciting to those who love diving most.


What to expect?

Some people who are considering jumping into scuba diving are reluctant – they think it is hard to learn (or even scary) and that certification is expensive.   When in reality, scuba diving certification is not only affordable, it’s incredibly enjoyable too. The hands on portion of training – diving in a closed pool and then excursions to open water destinations –  is always in a group setting. The camaraderie and friendships formed make the entire experience educational and fun as well. And the satisfaction of mastering a new skill – especially one that can be used around the world to discover new environments – is worth its weight in neoprene.

People who have never experienced the amazing world of open water often assume that scuba diving is only for the hard core adrenaline junkies or worse, for boring quiet types who want to simply bob on the surface of the water. In reality, the type of scuba dive is up to the diver – whether you are feeling adventurous or are just in need of some quiet serenity, the water is ready.



Where to Scuba Dive?

When choosing a scuba diving destination, the desert is an amazing starting point.  In Arizona, there are dozens of destinations that can provide a wide variety of scuba dives.  From man made lakes with intriguing, accidental and purposeful architecture, to dreamlike natural water features, the possibilities are limited only by the diver’s preference and imagination.  With Mexico and California only a few hours away, there is an experience for every comfort level.

And who knows, maybe a global trek to a turquoise blue lagoon is on your horizon.  Remember, everyone looks good in a scuba mask.

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