SDI Scubility Dive Buddy Program Special!

Scubility Dive Buddy Program

From September 15-17th of 2017 we will be running our Scubility Dive Buddy Program. This is an incredible program which gives you the opportunity to learn how become a dive buddy for a disabled diver. If you love scuba diving and have been looking to share that love with others there is no better program.

We have been running the Adaptive Diving or Disabled Diving Program for many years at Saguaro Scuba and also do trips each year which cater to our adaptive divers. They are always the most fun and rewarding trips of the year. Being able to help someone Scuba dive who otherwise would not be able to, is an incredible and uplifting experience for all involved.

The course begins Friday Sept 15, at 5pm continues on Saturday the 16th and Pool is Sunday the 17th. followed by Lake training on Saturday Sept 23rd

When: Sept 15-17, 2017  

Cost: $385 $285!


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