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Learn To Scuba Dive This Summer In Arizona With Saguaro Scuba

If you have ever thought about getting into scuba diving, you owe it to yourself to find out all of the options that you have to complete this certification. Many people believe that scuba diving is an extreme sport which can only be enjoyed by a select few. Many believe it is a very expensive sport to enter into. These common misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Scuba diving is a sport which is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, all around the world. We offer Junior Certifications for divers as young as 10 years old and there is no upper age limit on becoming certified. As far as cost is concerned. As you will see below, you can become fully certified (FOR LIFE) for as little as $318.

Things To Consider

Private Vs Group Scuba Diving Lessons in Arizona

Saguaro Scuba has new scuba diving courses starting in Mesa, Arizona each month. We try to keep our diving calendar up to date with all of these dates. While everyone will get to complete their elearning portion of their training at their own pace, the pool training as well as the open water diving portion of your training has to be done with our certified instructors. If the dates on the calendars don’t fit your schedule, or you would prefer private scuba diving lessons in Arizona, please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can best accommodate you.

Cost Of A Private Scuba Diving Certification In Arizona

While a private certification may be a more convenient way to get certified for some, in most cases it will add to the cost. Each course is going to be unique and the price of the course could vary based upon how many divers are in your group, where you want to conduct the pool portion of your training, and your flexibility with regards to the schedule of your course. In some cases, when there is a big enough private group and we have an instructor in the area where you wish to be certified, the cost of your certification may be the exact same as doing it in a group setting. Obviously the smaller number of divers in your group and the further you are from our instructors we will have to increase the cost of your certification accordingly.

Where Can Private Scuba Diving Lessons Take Place In Arizona?

This part is quite flexible. There are a few minimum requirements with regards to your pool being deep enough and being a minimum length. Other than that, we have instructors located in different areas around Arizona who are happy to meet you at your location and work with you to get you ready for a life of scuba diving!

Should I Complete My Course In Arizona Or While On A Trip?

This is something else you should consider when starting out in your journey to become a scuba diver. An option which we present to all of our students is to complete their ELearning and pool training portions of their certifications here in Arizona and then complete the Open Water Dive portion of their certification while on a vacation at any recognized dive shop around the world. What this is called is a referral program with the dive shop at the destination. Our instructors fill out paperwork indicating that you have completed the first two portions of your training and then you simply complete the Open Water Dives while on vacation. We can also help book your travel and arrange this with dive shops at several locations around the world such as Grand Cayman, Bonaire, Cozumel, Roatan and Costa Rica.

This is a desirable choice for many as you get the theory, knowledge, and skills training done before your trip so you aren’t sitting in a classroom for a portion of your vacation.

Should I Get Certified With PADI or SDI?

Choosing which certifying agency you want to use when beginning comes down to personal preference. There are people who will argue that one agency is better than the other and the level of education you receive will be better from one agency than the other. I have found from personal experience, that the level of your training is more related to the quality of your instructor, the relationship you develop with your instructor, as well as the amount of time, work and commitment both you and your instructor put into the course. Many of our instructors are certified with both PADI and SDI and obviously would never give you an lesser course or experience based upon the agency which you picked.

While it is true that PADI remains the worlds largest and most known scuba certifying agency, there are many other agencies which offer similar or some would even argue better training. SDI, while certainly not the size of PADI, has it’s own benefits. SDI has roots in the technical diving world as it is a segment of a larger training agency which also includes TDI and ERDI.

Cost of an SDI Certification vs a PADI Certification

One benefit which is hard to dispute is that SDI certainly comes in at a lower price point than PADI when it comes to the Open Water Diving Certification. With SDI you can start your ELearning Course with Saguaro for only $69 and can become a fully certified diver for $318. With PADI, the ELearning Cost is $129, while the full certification will end up costing you $378.

ELearning Options

Learning to scuba dive in the 21st century is quite different than it was for the pioneers of our sport. Today much of the theory and knowledge can be learned from your own home at your own pace. While both SDI and PADI offer the Open Water course online, SDI has the edge when it comes to the number of courses which are available after the initial certification. With the majority of their specialty and advanced course offerings available online, you always have options for continuing your diving education with SDI.

Choose What Is Best For You

Ultimately, Saguaro Scuba and our team of instructors are here to help you reach your dreams of becoming a scuba diver. We are here to provide all of our knowledge, experience, and excitement about this great sport with you and to ensure you receive the best training to make you a competent and safe diver. No matter which agency or path to certification you choose, we will support you in your decisions and prepare you for a life of adventure and exploring!

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Article Written By Jonathan Rowe

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